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Here at Pink's Paints, we take COVID-19 safety seriously, which is why we are following the Governments COVID-19 Guidelines.

We will always wear PPE (personal protective equipment) such as masks, visors, protective glasses, gloves, smocks, and chair covers where appropriate. A mask and non-latex gloves will always be worn. The make-up artist will frequently sanitised her hands throughout the session and change gloves in between clients and if they become soiled.

All our equipment is cleaned and sterilised before every booking. Used equipment such as brushes and sponges will be cleaned throughout the day and will be contained in a separate container at the end of the session. Brushes will be sterilised in 80% alcohol between each client/person. A clean sponge will only be used on one client and then will be contained in a separate bag/compartment to either be sterilised or disposed of.

We will not double-dip into our products while applying face paints, special effects make-up, or prosthetics. Where appropriate we may use a pre-sterilised metal palette to move the product onto to avoid any risk of spreading COVID-19. 

We kindly ask that you or any other client of the booking does not touch any of the equipment.

We kindly ask that if you are waiting for your turn to please stand no closer than two meters. When the artist is ready to apply make-up/ face paint to your face they will invite you to sit at their chair.

Please do not eat or go on your phone until the make-up artist is finished applying make-up on you.

Please sanitise your hands when prompted by the artist.

If you have any other questions please contact us.

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